At Camso we believe that to achieve the lowest operating cost solution, you need to have the right tire for your application. Our new Solideal resilient and press-on tires were especially designed to offer you maximum lifespan within an array of applications. To deliver on this promise, determining the usage intensity of your operation is key. The Usage Intensity Calculator will guide you to measure the work that the tires will perform for you and help you select the best solution.


Step 1

Tells us more about your product needs.

Product Type

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Rubber Compound

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Step 2

Give us details about your equipment and where it's working.

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Step 3

Tell us what the truck is doing during a typical day of operation by moving the 3 sliders. Remember the total should give 100%.
Then provide the distance of your longest non-stop run and how many 8hr shifts you use the equipment.

Idle Time

Travel Time

Maneuvering Time

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Intensity Score

The scale shows your calculated intensity score and the recommended product.